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How Do We Manage Your Amazon Store?

Our Amazon FBA integrated model is AI Centric, making it profitable by the second quarter of launch. Our unique approach, proprietary research and fulfillment strategies have gain us an elite rank among other agencies.

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Amazon is one of the most popular destinations for online Sellers. In the fourth quarter of 2012, a whopping 67% of Amazon purchases were made by third-party merchants, many of which used their own warehouses to fulfill the orders. Having our in-house warehouse allows for full control of your Amazon Store.

Amazon Store Setup

We can either set up your existing Amazon storefront or work with you to find an older Amazon business that can expand faster.

Product Listing

We evaluate popular products that are in demand and work with suppliers to get inventory and list the products on your account.

Product Management

Our customer service and Our unique staff monitors inventory stock and prices to guarantee that things remain in stock and profitable.

Account Monitoring

To ensure the account’s health, our team monitors the shop account and handles any major concerns such as suspected policy breaches, A-Z claims, and so on.

Order Management

Our staff monitors incoming orders and updates inventories. They also re-order existing products as needed.

Growth and Scale

We work with customers over time to assist them in constantly scaling their stores and maximize their profits.

Amazon FBA Brands wholesale

You’ve obviously heard of Amazon before, but did you know that you can actually earn serious money without spending any Marketing Budget?
We’re talking at least five figures per month in profit!

Fulfillment by Amazon is a method that Amazon uses to pick, pack and ship the orders. However, Amazon doesn’t make the products themselves.

Millions of brands store those products to Amazon Warehouse. From where the orders get shipped to the consumers.

That’s where we come in.

At Cyllianz, our unique approach uses the AI Tools to hunt those Brands with highest search volume, and leverage wholesale relationships to source products from carefully selected products from China and the United States. We then use the Amazon FBA model to sell these products on Amazon. We implement 2 different product sourcing strategies to increase Profitability and Scalability.

Our Biggest Clients have been generating over $100,000 in revenue per month, and we achieved the 6-figure mark for them in less than 12 months! 

Exclusive Services

Our Pricing

Our packages feature a full suite of customized programs, tools, and resources that can be calibrated to meet your specific growth goals. Pick one you deem fit!



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Exclusive Packages

Why Choose Amazon FBA

Cyllianz provides best Amazon automation services for you. You can get better access and increase growth with our Amazon FBA

Digital Real Estate

An Amazon FBA Business is high-valued digital asset which can easily be Flipped/ Sold up to 20X of your monthly net Profit.

Order Management

Combination of our AI Product Research and Custom Operations Team that runs entire business for you. So you don’t have to work.

Growth and Scale

Amazon FBA is a whole new source of Passive Income, and an opportunity to diversify your investments.

Growth and Scale

Own your own Brand. A fully sustainable and legitimate business model that could potentially be worth hundreds of thousand of dollars!

Let us make Another Success Story. But this time, it’s Your Amazon Seller Account!

We take pride on the Combination of Our Streamlined Automation Program & Your Exponential Growth.

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